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1 Marzo 2023



The Competition

Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice is pleased to announce the music composers international competition “ Korczak’s children’s world”, part of the second edition of the “Storytelling through Music” (“Narrare in Musica”) Festival. The competition is open to composers of music for chamber theatre as well as to composers of music for children and young people. It intends to celebrate the eightieth anniversary of Korczak’s tragic death in the Nazi concentration camp in Treblinka. All compositions will be inspired by Janusz Korczak’s pedagogic thinking and ethos.

All lyrics will be either excerpts from Korczak’s original writings or inspired by Korczak’s thinking. Also, lyrics can be either in Italian language or in English language.

The competition is going to take place in 2023 in Venice.



The competition is organised by Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice and it is part of the project “Storytelling through Music” (“Narrare in Musica”) by the Music Education Department. Also, the competition is part of the Prix Janusz Korczak de Littérature Jeunesse and it is funded by Rothschild Foundation.


Participating composers

The competition is open to composers from all over the world. The suitable candidates must be under 40 years old on 1st March 2023.


Where the competition takes place

The jury will be selecting the winning applicants. Afterwards, the winning applicants will be invited to stay for three days in Venice. During their stay, they will have the chance to curate and fine tune the preparation of their works through rehearsals together with the musicians and the director.


Deadline for submitting the applications: by 01/03/2023



Registration form – Korczak