Marco Fedalto

COTP/06 - Teoria ritmica e percezione musicale
Marco Fedalto


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    Marco Fedalto

    COTP/06 - Teoria ritmica e percezione musicale

    Curriculum Vitae

    Marco Fedalto is an award-winning composer.

    He obtained a bachelor's degree in Piano (Ferrara), Scoring for Band (Verona), Scoring for Audiovisual (Castelfranco Veneto) and a Master's Degree in Composition (Mozarteum, Salzburg)

    He finalised his musical training at Hollywood Music Workshop (Vienna), at Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive Course (Los Angeles), at Scuola di Musica di Fiesole and at Accademia Filarmonica Romana

    Among others, he is the composer of LEO DA VINCI, an international franchise available on Netflix including 1 long-feature-Film and 2 Tv-Series

    During the 78th Venice International Film Festival he presented L’OCCHIO CHE ASCOLTA, a co-written book published by Diastema Studi e Ricerche along with Veneto Film Commission, CINIT, CIDIM, ACMF and EFPI

    He created IL CINEMA SUONATO™, a chamber orchestra devoted to performing the great repertoire of Film Music

    His music has been performed in many concert halls and Festivals, by the Bözen Haydn Orchestra, San Remo Orchestra, Giovani Musicisti Veneti, Orchestra Senzaspine.

    His music is published by Universal Edition (Vienna)